Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Chic Mom Find: Jimmy Crystal Earings

I loved Jennifer Garner's look at the recent premiere of, Catch and Release. She was sporting a pair of Cartier earings estimated at a value of $60,000.

Life and Style was able to find a replica pair that the rest of us can afford at Jimmy Crystal for a mere $36. This specific pair was part of their 2006 line.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Lands End: Bathing Suits for Bodies that Have Had Babies

I had the unfortunate experience of breaking my ankle over the holidays. When I went to the doctor to have it checked out last week, he informed me that the cast will probably come off next week. Our discussion turned to what I will be able to do and what I should avoid for the time being.

My biggest concern was being able to work out. I had started a workout regime last October and am very eager to get back on it. Well, apparently I can't at least not yet. I have to slowly work my stregnth back up before I get to do any running or anything involving any impact. But I can swim all I want according to the doc.

Shudders went down my back. I haven't gone swimming since I had the twins. We've taken them to the pool, but it involves a sprint from where I remove my coverup to the water and vice versa.

I've been saying since we started the workout regime that I need to get a new swimsuit so I can swim. Now that it appears that swimming will need to be my form of exercise at least for a few weeks, I could put it off no more.

So my husband calls me up yesterday and asks if I want to go shopping and we can pick up that swimming suit. Oh yeah, that's what I need my husband impatiently waiting while I try on suit after suit that I hate. But I relunctedly agreed and off we went.

Our first stop ended up being the last. We found the perfect suit at Lands End (in my case one of their outlets) and I am delighted.

Typically, the suits either cover way too little or way too much. I tried on a dozen and most worked fine but one of their slenderizers is the perfect suit. It sucks in all that you need contained without being unconfortable and doesn't look like a grandma suit. It even got my husband's seal of approval.

I still have to wait a week before I can try it out in water, but if you are starting your search for a summer bathing suit definitely check out the ones at Lands End today! (Note - their outlets are having a great sale with 40% off the already reduced prices!!)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Welcome to The Chic Mom!

The Chic Mom is a spin-off blog from Celebrity Moms and The Stylish Child.

Now that my last child has decided to potty train himself, I found I can once again carry a stylish purse rather than a mommy bag. This sent me on a mad hunt over the holidays in search of a great purse. Which I found at Target!

That combined with the many companies that have contacted me about writing up their non-baby related products made me decide to create a central place to put all the really cool stuff I find for all the chic moms out there.

If you have a product that you want to have featured please drop me a note at