Sunday, April 08, 2007

Introducing the New Dress Collection by Michael Stars

Michael Stars has long been a celebrity favorite for their comfy t-shirt collection. Now they've introduced a brand new collection of dresses that are designed with simple feminine silhouettes.

The dresses have captured the characteristics that make their t-shirts a must-have. Ultra comfortable fabrics combined with flattering flowy style that will compliment just about every body type.

Perfect for a summer day at the office or a weekend wedding, Michael Stars dresses are perfect for the upcoming summer months.

Check them out today at

Patagonia: Creating Tee Shirts You Can Recycle

You recycle your cans and those cardboard boxes your soda comes in why not recycle your t-shirts? The t-shirts by Patagonia are created with the true spirit of conservation at heart. Each shirt is constructed with 100% organic cotton and are garment-washed for extra softness.

Even though they are built to last with taped shoulder seams and double-stitched sleeves and hem -- they are meant to be recycled when their time is up.

With their unique Common Threads Garment Recycling Program, customers are able to return their used organic cotton t-shirts to Patagoni to help maximize the clothes useful life.

Piperlime: Shoes that Combine Form and Function

Summer is quickly approaching and I'm on the hunt for a great pair of sandals.

For moms, shoes often become a combination of form and function. I like to wear a cute pair of shoes, but they also have to be functional so I can run after a couple of active three year olds.

The shoes by Piperlime are perfect for my busy mom lifestyle. Not only are they cute, but their comfy sandals are perfect for my mommy afternoons at the pool.

Check out their complete collection of shoes for moms, dads, kids, and everyone in between at Piperlime today!